Fritz Kemmler, Iryna Rieker

Medieval English:Literature and Language

The fifth edition of this innovative approach to English Medieval Studies offers an expanded corpus of Old and Middle English texts. The selection from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle now includes entries recording Viking raids during the second half of the ninth century. Readers and students interested in Middle English lyrics will find two additional poems which demonstrate clearly that medieval literary production was not exclusively concerned with texts mirroring conservative moral standards. Chaucer’soutstanding oeuvre is now represented by the full text of the "Reeve’s Tale” and selections from the "General Prologue”. While the introductory grammar has been retained with only some minor changes, the explanatory notes to the texts have been revised and substantially expanded. The glossaries have been updated and the bibliography includes additional entries.This expanded and revised guide to English Medieval Studies will introduce beginning students to the diverseand fascinating world of Medieval English with its gradually evolving literary standards and its almost unparalleled wealth of highly developed literary genres.

  • 5., überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage
  • print isbn: 978-3-8233-6664-5
  • erschienen am 04.04.2012
  • eBook isbn: 978-3-8233-7664-4

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